Sponsorship Possibilities

From 2005 through 2009, Cites & Insights received limited sponsorship from YBP Library Services. That sponsorship ends with the completion of C&I 9: 2009.

I'm looking for a new sponsor--either for C&I alone or for a combination of C&I and Walt at Random.

For C&I, the sponsor would be recognized on the front page of each new issue and, with a logo as a possibility, in the masthead on the last page of each issue. There would also be a sponsorship line on the C&I website. For Walt at Random, sponsorship could be recognized by a sidebar ad and link on all pages or, possibly, by placement within the banner.

Suitable sponsors could include any library-related agency or group of agencies that I don't regularly discuss--e.g., any library systems vendor, any book or serials distributor, any database vendor, any library consortium, any bibliographic utility.

Cites & Insights regularly has readership into the thousands, averaging several hundred web sessions per day. Walt at Random appears to get several thousand pageviews per day.


Please contact me (waltcrawford at gmail.com) if you're interested; I'll be happy to provide dollar amounts to any qualified and interested party.

Bottom line

Being "semi-retired" is tricky given the decimation of stock portions of retirement funds. I had no plans to retire from professional activity in any case. The part-time editorial position that began in October 2007 ended at the end of March 2010.

If you're interested, let me know.