Walt Crawford

[This is a partial vita. A complete, more current vita is available in PDF form here]


October 2007-March 2010

Editorial Director
Library Leadership Network


July 2006-September 2007

Systems Analyst
July 2006-present

OCLC-RLG integration/transition work, including maintenance of internal and customer reports, advice on Eureka integration.

June 1979-June 2006

Senior Analyst (and other titles)
September 1995-June 2006

Investigate, design, and manage access-related services and digital initiatives. Primary recent projects: reports coordinator and designer, Eureka on the Web (designer, was service manager), OpenURL. Conduct research and analysis to support new services, service enhancement, marketing, and outreach efforts. Extensive transaction analysis.

Senior Analyst
September 1986-August 1995

Analyze and develop library-related applications with emphasis on user-interface design. Recent design project: Eureka via Telnet, RLG’s patron-oriented search system. Continuing large-scale MARC analysis and transaction analysis.

Manager, Product Batch Group
April 1981-August 1986

Managed group responsible for developing and maintaining batch systems to support RLG and RLIN: accounting, output products, management information, and special reports.

June 1979-March 1981

Replaced existing product-generation software with new, more stable set of software. Documented and corrected RLG tape production practices.

University of California, Berkeley, General Library
1968-June 1979

Library Systems Office
1972-June 1979

As programmer/analyst and senior programmer/ analyst, analyzed, developed and documented batch and online library support systems.

Circulation Department

Designed and implemented circulation system to accommodate UC Berkeley’s five call number systems within a single filing sequence for circulated items.


Awards and Honors

Who's Who in America, 2001-2004. (Marquis Who's Who.) Who's Who in Science and Engineering , 2005-2006

Gale Group Online Excellence in Information Authorship Award for "Paper Persists: Why Physical Library Collections Still Matter," 1998.

ALCTS/Blackwell Scholarship Award for Future Libraries: Dreams, Madness & Reality, 1997. (Award shared with Michael Gorman.)

LITA/Library Hi Tech Award for Outstanding Communication for Continuing Education in Library and Information Science, 1995.

Professional Activity (selected)

American Library Association
Library and Information Technology Association (LITA)

Member since 1975

LITA Publications Committee: Chair, 2008-2009

LITA Top Technology Trends: "Trendspotter," 1999-2005

LITA Vice-President/President-Elect, 1991-1992; President, 1992-1993; Past President, 1993-1994

LITA Executive Committee: member, 1990-1994

LITA Board of Directors: director-at-large, 1988-1991

Information Technology and Libraries: member, Editorial Board, 1994-1995, 1999-2002

LITA Newsletter: editor, 1985-1994

Programmer/Analysts Discussion Group: founded, 1981; chair, 1981-1983

RTSD/LITA/RASD Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee [MARBI]: RLG liaison, 1980-1987; LITA appointee to committee, 1985-1987

Technical Standards for Library Automation Committee (TESLA): Observer/participant, 1975-1978; member, 1978-1982; chair, 1980-1981

National Information Standards Organization (NISO)

Information Standards Quarterly; founding editor, 1989-1991


American Libraries: contributing editor, 1999-2001

Network Advisory Council: RLG representative, 1994-1996

Library Hi Tech: editorial board, 1986-2000

Blog, Walt at Random, 2005- (http://walt.lishost.org)

Publications and Speeches

Each group in reverse chronological order. Job-related speaking and writing omitted.


Gold Open Access and Diamond OA series: Annuals, SPARC-sponsored, starting in 2016: see PDF vita for full list

The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014, 2015

Beyond the Damage: Circulation, Coverage and Staffing. 2014 (pbk.)

Your Library Is…: A Collection of Public Library Sayings. 2013 (pbk.)

$4 to $1: Public Library Benefits and Budgets, vol. 1. 2013. ISBN 978-1-304-35588-1 (pbk.)

The inCompleat Give Us a Dollar… 2013 (pbk).

The Compleat Give Us a Dollar, vol. 1 & 2 2013 (ebook).

The Big Deal and the Damage Done
. 2013. Paperback, available at www.lulu.com

Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four (2012-2013). 2013. Paperback, available at www.lulu.com

The Librarian’s Guide to Micropublishing. Medford, NJ: Information Today, 2012. ISBN 978-1-57387-430-4 (pbk.)

Open Access: What You Need to Know Now. Chicago: ALA Editions, 2011. ISBN 978-0-8389-1106-8 (pbk.)

The Liblog Landscape 2007-2010. 2010. Paperback, available at www.lulu.com

But Still They Blog: The Liblog Landscape 2007-2009. 2009. Paperback, available at www.lulu.com/waltcrawford

The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008: A Lateral Look. 2008. Paperback, available at www.lulu.com/waltcrawford and Amazon

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Speeches (selected)

“The Librarian’s Guide to Micropublishing.” Speech, WLA/OLA Joint Conference, Vancouver, WA. April 26, 2013 [Invited]

“Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four.” Speech, WLA/OLA Joint Conference, Vancouver, WA. April 25, 2013 [Invited]

“Open Access: What You Need to Know Now.” Preconference, WLA/OLA Joint Conference, Vancouver, WA. April 24, 2013 [Invited]

"The Storied Library." Speech, "Get the Word Out," PLA program, ALA, Anaheim, CA. June 29, 2008. [Invited]

"Balanced Libraries: Books, bytes and Web 2.0." Speech, Texas Library Association, Dallas, TX. April 16, 2008. [Invited]

"Web-based Library Services: A Discussion" (with Sarah Houghton-Jan). Keynote, Washington Library Association, Kennewick, WA. April 19, 2007. [Invited]

"What's Your Story--and Why Should They Care?" ACRL NY Symposium, New York, NY. December 1, 2006. [Invited]

"Digital Content: Access, Changes and Progress." California Library Association, San Jose, CA. November 15, 2004. [Invited]

"Is Free Too Expensive? Open Access and Libraries." Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC. November 5, 2004. [Invited]

"OpenURL Basics." Technology for the Rest of Us, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. May 25, 2004. [Invited]

"Tradition and Transition: Some Notes on Survivable Libraries." Keynote, Army Library Institute, Kansas City, MO. April 7, 2004. [Invited]

"The Flexible Evolving Library: Complex Services for Diverse Communities." Rock Valley Community college, Rockford, IL. March 25, 2004. [Invited]

"Books and Beyond: Evolving Libraries and Media." Ogilvie Lecture, North Carolina Library Association Biennial Conference. Winston-Salem, NC. September 25, 2003. [Invited]

"Copyright Out of Whack." Speech, Washington Library Association Annual Conference. Yakima, WA. April 10, 2003. [Invited]

"Finding Ways that Work" (keynote) and two other speeches, Alaska Library Association Annual Conference. Juneau, AK. March 7-9, 2003. [Invited]

"Plausible Futures: Finding the Ways that Work." Keynote, University of Tennessee School of Information Science 30th Anniversary Celebration. Knoxville, TN. September 14, 2002. [Invited]

"Change, Continuity, Perspective: Where Do We Go From Here?" Keynote, SOLINET Annual Membership Meeting. Atlanta, GA. May 2, 2002. [Invited]

"Where Do We Go from Here?" Closing remarks, Illinois ACRL Spring Conference. Oak Brook, IL: April 5, 2002. [Invited]

"The View from Here: Thinking about Libraries and Technology." Keynote, DRA Users' Group Conference. St. Louis, MO: March 3, 2002 [Invited]

"Finding the Ways that Work." Speech, Kentucky Library Association Annual Conference. Owensboro, KY: October 18, 2001. [Invited]

"Changing Attitudes: Moving from .Com to Community." Keynote, Florida Library Association Annual Conference. Orlando, FL: April 11, 2001. [Invited]

"Building from Strength: Informal Notes on Desirable Library Futures." Speech, Wisconsin Library Association Annual Conference. Green Bay, WI: November 3, 2000. [Invited]

"Moving Beyond Information: Musings on Libraries and Meaning." Keynote, Colorado Library Association Annual Conference. Snowmass, CO: September 16, 2000. [Invited]

"DVD Today and Tomorrow." Keynote, "Byting Into Video: DVD and NetworkVideo Delivery." ACRL program, ALA Annual Conference. Chicago, IL: July 8, 2000. [Invited]

"The Future Impact of the World Wide Web on Libraries and Archives." Keynote, "Digital Reality II: Preserving Our Electronic Heritage." Boston, MA: June 5, 2000. [Invited]

"The Future is Not What it Used to Be." Program, Connecticut Library Association Annual Conference. Cromwell, CT: April 18, 2000. [Invited]

"Mission, Media and Users: Coping with a Complex Future." Keynote, New England Technical Services Librarians conference. Worcester, MA: April 14, 2000. [Invited]

"Technology Smorgasbord in the Libraries of the future." Speech, Joint Meeting of the Medical Library Group of Southern California & Arizona and the Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group. San Diego, CA: February 11, 2000. [Invited]

"Complex Libraries: Assuring the Long Collection." Colloquium, Wayne State University Library & Information Science Program. Detroit, MI: November 9, 1999. [Invited]

"Complex Libraries, Complex Systems: Creating Tomorrow's Libraries Through Shared Understanding." Keynote, Michigan Library Association Annual Conference. Dearborn, MI: November 5, 1999. [Invited]

"Choices and Context: Thinking About Technology and Media." Keynote, Access '99. Guelph, Ontario: October 26, 1999. [Invited]

"Millennial Libraries: Media and Meaning," Keynote, International Association of Marine and Aquatic Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC) 25th Anniversary Meeting. Woods Hole, MA: October 18, 1999. [Invited]

"Service in a Complex Future." Johannah Sherrer Memorial Lecture, Lewis & Clark College. Portland, OR: September 10, 1999. [Invited]

"...And We Call Them Libraries." Speech, Congressional Information Services/GODORT Breakfast, ALA Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA: June 27, 1999. [Invited]

"Why Paper Persists." Final session in School for Scanning. New Orleans, LA: December 9, 1998 [Invited]

"Now What? Creating Tomorrow’s Complex Libraries." Keynote, "The Electronic Library: Reality Check": Florida ACRL Chapter Fall Conference. Cocoa Beach, FL: November 6, 1998. [Invited]

"Being Analog: The Physical Library on Tomorrow’s Campus." Tech Tea Time talk, Michigan Technological University. Houghton, MI: September 30, 1998. [Invited]

"Digital Where Preferable: Sensible Futures for Academic Libraries." Keynote, "Electronic Resources: the Promise and the Reality": ACRL Western New York/Ontario Chapter Spring Conference. Fairport, NY: April 24, 1998. [Invited]

"Change, Continuity and Context: Building Tomorrow’s Libraries." Keynote, "Managing Change: People and Technology": Sixth Western New York Library Resources Council conference. Amherst, NY: April 23, 1998. [Invited]

"Evolution, Not Revolution: Building Tomorrow’s Libraries." Program, Texas Library Association Annual Conference. San Antonio, TX. April 3, 1998. [Invited]

"Future Libraries: Nearing the Millennium." Keynote, "Creating tomorrow today: can you imagine": 1997 Public Libraries Section and Reference and Information Service Section (of the Australian Library and Information Association) Conference. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. November 10, 1997. [Invited]

"Media, Context and Complexity: Toward Effective Millennial Libraries." Keynote, "Content in Context": Sixth Annual Long Island Library Resources Council Conference on Libraries and the Future. Oakdale, New York. October 24, 1997. [Invited]

"Tomorrow’s Librarians: Thriving on Complexity." Keynote, Potomac Technical Processing Librarians 73rd Annual Conference. Washington, DC. October 17, 1997. [Invited]

"MAPS for Millennial Libraries: Media, Access, Place and Service." Keynote, Minnesota Educational Media Organization and Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference. Bloomington, MN. October 3, 1997. [Invited]

"Millennial Librarians: Coping with Complexity." Keynote, Simmons College Graduate School of Library & Information Science Alumni Day. Boston, Massachusetts. May 15, 1997. [Invited]

"Dancing with…Change: Day Two: A Survivor’s Guide to Using Electronic Resources and Services Intelligently." Panelist in 300-site teleconference originating from College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois. April 4, 1997. [Invited]

"Millennial Reference Librarianship: Avoiding Disintermediation, Disorientation and Disinformation." Keynote, North Suburban Library System Reference Librarians Association, Arlington Heights, Illinois. April 3, 1997. [Invited]

"Millennial Libraries: Maintaining the Mix and Avoiding the Hype." Keynote, Military Librarians Workshop. Annapolis, Maryland. November 20, 1996. [Invited]

"To Serve and Preserve: Creating Tomorrow’s Academic Libraries." Keynote, Academic Librarians Association of Ohio 1996 Annual Conference. Columbus, Ohio. November 1, 1996. [Invited]

"Millennial Libraries: Some Myths and Realities." Closing speech, farewell breakfast, New York Library Association 1996 Annual Conference. Saratoga Springs, New York. October 27, 1996. [Invited]

"Future Public Libraries: Integrating Technology with Traditional Service Values." Program for Public Library Association, Metropolitan Library Section. American Library Association 1996 Annual Conference. New York. July 8, 1996. [Invited]

"Myths and Media: Working Toward Extended Libraries." Keynote, Maryland Library Association 1996 Annual Conference. Hagerstown, MD. May 9, 1996. [Invited]

"Being Analog: Building Tomorrow’s Libraries." Keynote, 1996 WLN Library Directors Colloquy. Seattle, WA. May 3, 1996. [Invited]

"Future Libraries, Future Media: Myths and Methods." Theme address (keynote), British Columbia Library Association 1996 Annual Conference. Whistler, BC. April 27, 1996. [Invited]

"Uncommon Knowledge: Mythbreaking for the Future." All-conference speech (keynote), Harvard College Library Conference: "Finding Common Ground: Creating a Library of the Future Without Diminishing the Library of the Past." Cambridge, Mass., March 30-31, 1996. [Invited]

"Electronic Libraries: Dreams, Madness and Reality." Opening keynote, Victorian Association for Library Automation 1996 Biennial Conference, Melbourne, Australia, January 30-February 1, 1996. [Invited]

"Technolust and Tradition: Balancing Books and Bytes." Program, Georgia Library Association, Combined "COMO" 1995 Annual Conference, October 28, 1995, Jekyll Island, GA. [Invited]

"Moving Toward Extended Libraries: Sensible Futures." Keynote, "Through the Star Gate," North Carolina Center for Independent Higher Education, October 25, 1995, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC. [Invited]

"The Life and Death of Print." Northwestern University Library, October 10, 1995, Evanston, IL. [Invited]

"Brother, Can You Paradigm: Tradition and Technology in Tomorrow’s Library." INCOLSA Workshop (sole speaker, discussion leader), September 7, 1995, Plymouth, Indiana & September 8, 1995, Indianapolis, Indiana. [Invited]

"The Future of the Book / The Book of the Future." Keynote for 1995 Southern California Electronic Library Consortium Conference, May 26, 1995, Pasadena, CA [Invited]

"Moving Toward Extended Libraries: Sensible Futures." Keynote for 1995 Spring Conference of the Librarians’ Association at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, March 6, 1995, Chapel Hill, NC. [Invited].

"The Future of Academic Libraries." Speech, Arizona State University Libraries, October 6, 1994; repeated October 7. [Invited] Repeated, with minor modifications, at Trinity University Library (October 31, 1994; invited) and University of Texas, San Antonio Library (November 1, 1994).

"Evolution, Not Revolution: Some Notes on the Life of Print and Future of Libraries." Speech (program), Academic Libraries Caucus, Florida Library Association Annual Conference, May 13, 1994, Orlando, FL. [Invited]

"Libraries With and Without Walls." Keynote speech, Tennessee Library Association Annual Conference, April 29, 1994, Memphis, TN [Invited]

"The Virtual Library: Virtually Impossible." Keynote speech, AMIGOS Fall 1993 Conference, November 11, 1993, Dallas, TX. [Invited]

"Technolust, Terminal Frustration, and Destroying the Library to Save It: Common-Sense Responses to the Projected Death of Print." Speech (program), Nevada Networking and Automation Group, Nevada Library Association Annual Conference, September 30, 1993, Elko, NV. [Invited]

"Partial Solutions to Complex Problems: Electronic Resources, Access and Delivery Tools, and Information Futures." Speech for University Circle, Emory University Libraries, May 18, 1993, Atlanta, GA.

"Knowing Niches, Scratching Itches, and Refuting Inevitability: Coping with the Information Evolution." Keynote, CLSI Eastern Region Users Group Spring Meeting, May 17, 1993, Birmingham, AL. [Invited]

"Dreams, Devices, Niches and Edges: Coping with the Changing Landscape of Information Technology." Keynote, the Ninth Texas Conference on Library Automation, April 3, 1993, Houston, TX. [Invited]

"Surfing, Swimming or Drowning in the Sea of Information: Coping with the Currents of Change." Speech, Library Lecture Series, University of Southern California, February 25, 1993, Los Angeles, CA. [Invited]

"The Death of Print, Xanadu, and Other Nightmares, or, Brother, Can You Paradigm?" Speech (program), Library Automation Round Table, Arizona State Library Association Annual Conference, October 15, 1992, Phoenix, AZ. [Invited]

"The Future OPAC: A Single View on Multiple Databases." Speech, 2nd Annual VTLS Library Directors’ Conference, October 6, 1992, Mountain Lake, VA. [Invited]

"Starting Over: Current Issues in Online Catalog User Interface Design." Keynote, LITA Screen Design Preconference, American Library Association Annual Conference, June 1991, Atlanta, GA. [Invited]

"Technology and Library Resources: Serving Present and Future Patrons." Speech as part of program, California Library Association Annual Conference, November 12, 1989, Oakland, CA. [Invited]

"Microcomputer Choices: Chaos in the Marketplace." Speech as part of program, Online ‘89, November 8, 1989, Chicago, IL.

"User Interface Situations for Online Music Catalogs." Speech as part of preconference on online catalogs, Music Library Association annual conference, March 15, 1989, Cleveland, OH. [Invited]

"The Online Catalog in the Real World." Speech, 25th Clinic on Library Applications of Data Processing, April 19, 1988, Urbana-Champaign, IL. [Invited]

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