Walt Crawford on Open Access

Walt Crawford on Open Access (an incomplete list)


Thirtythree essays published as a 513-page 6"x9" trade paperback, Open Access and Libraries, available from Lulu for $17.50.

2010 and Beyond

Burned out by late 2009, I stayed away from OA in 2010-2011.

The following essays appeared in Cites & Insights. The URL for each issue can be formed by replacing X and Y in the string https://citesandinsights.info/civXiY.pdf with the two numbers shown--e.g., "Intersections:Hot Times for Open Access" is pages 1-42 of https://citesandinsights.info/civ13i6.pdf

Through 2016, if you prefer a 6" x 9" single-column layout, add "on" after the issue number and before ".pdf." Since 2017, all issues have been 6" x 9" single-column.

Boldface articles are primarily my own research or my own statements. Others are a combination of cites (articles worth noting or commenting on) and insights (my commentary).


Policy: The Rapid Rout of RWA  v12i12  1-25


Intersections: Catching Up with Open Access 1  v13i1  4-40
Intersections: Catching Up with Open Access 2  v13i2  3-40
Intersections: Hot Times for Open Access  v13i6  1-42


Intersections: Ethics and Access 1: The Sad Case of Jeffrey Beall  v14i4  1-14
Intersections: Ethics and Access 2: The So-Called Sting  v14i5  1-20
Intersections: Journals, "Journals" and Wannabes: Investigating the List  v14i7  1-24
Intersections: Access and Ethics 3  v14i8  19-32
Intersections: Some Notes on Elsevier  v14i9  2-16
Intersections: Journals and "Journals": Taking a Deeper Look  v14i10  1-24
Intersections: Journals and "Journals": Taking a Deeper Look
Part 2: DOAJ Subset and Additional Notes
 v14i11  1-34


Intersections: The Third Half   v15i1  1-21
Intersections: One More Chunk of DOAJ   v15i3  1-10
Intersections: The Economics of Open Access   v15i4  1-38
Intersections: Who Needs Open Access, Anyway?   v15i6  4-24
The Front: The Open Access Landscape: An Interim View  v15i7  1-4
Perspective: Thinking about Libraries and Access, Take 2  v15i7  4-11
Intersections: The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014   v15i9  1-36
Intersections: Ethics and Access 2015   v15i11  1-58


Intersections: PPPPredatory Article Counts  v16i1  2-10
Intersections: Economics and Access   v16i2  1-46
Intersections: "Trust Me": The Other Problem with Beall's Lists   v16i3  9-11
The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014, pp. 39-73  v16i3  follows 12
Intersections: Two Worlds of Gold OA: APCLand and OAWorld   v16i4  2-5
Gold Open Access Journals 2011-2015   v16i5  1-32
Intersections: Ethics and Access   v16i8  1-24


Gray OA 2012-2016: Open Access Journals Beyond DOAJ   v17i1  1-72
Intersections: The Art of the Beall   v17i3  1-20
Intersections: Subject Supplement to GOAJ2    v17i5  11-84
Intersections: Economics and Access 2017    v17i6  1-60
Perspective: Where I Stand...  v17i8  4-12
Gray OA 2014-2017: A Partial Followup  v17i9  1-42
Intersections: Gray Portraits  v17i10  1-26


Intersections: Open Access Issues   v18i1  2-42
Subject Supplement to GOAJ3   v18i4  1-76
Intersections: GOAJ: Commentary Examples   v18i5  1-7
Intersections: Predator!   v18i6  1-70
Intersections: A Few Small Essays   v18i7  1-13