Out of the Corners

In the final Crawford's Corner (Library Hi Tech News, December 2000) and the final "CD-ROM Corner" (EContent, December 2000/January 2001), I mentioned this document as the best source for information on what would replace those "corners." At the time, my assumption was that it would be a combination of a paid series, Crawford At Large, available through MightyWords, and a delayed partial free version (not yet named) available on this Web site.

Since then, the focus and approach of MightyWords have changed. It's clearly unsuitable as a publishing route for Crawford At Large. So far, I haven't identified an alternative that I consider appropriate. That's the bad news--for me, that is. For potential readers, the news may be better.

Doing It For Free...For Now

  • A new Web site is in place: http://cites.boisestate.edu
  • The new site is the home for Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large, the complete (renamed) continuation to Crawford's Corner and "CD-ROM Corner."
  • The preview issue is there now, as a 24-printed-page PDF file one click away from the home page, which also links to an FAQ and will eventually link to previous issues (that is, once the January 2001 issue comes out and there are previous issues to link to).
  • Cites & Insights: Crawford At Large is free for the taking (but not public domain), at least for now.
  • The size, frequency, and continued life the new pseudo-publication will depend on a mix of apparent readership, feedback, my own interest, donations, and possible alternative routes for distribution.
  • I plan to keep doing it for a year at least, no more than monthly. That's a plan, not a promise--and beyond that, we'll see.

Take a look!

November 28, 2000, modified December 2, 2000.


Except for changed URLs, the text above is precisely as it was written in November 2000. I don't plan to update it.

The only part of the "plan" that fell apart rapidly was "no more than monthly"--I have yet to get frequency down to 12 issues a year.

Otherwise? I no longer consider it a "pseudo-publication," and I'm no longer "doing it for free," although it is (and will remain) free to readers. It's still not public domain, but it does operate under a Creative Commons license.