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This subsite contains "extras" that don't really fit in the other two categories..

"The Pioneer Paradox and Euphonic Distortion"- added 8/8/99

A little rant about high-end audio reviewing, particularly when it involves very expensive components with obviously defective measurements.

"Oops! MP3 and the Perils of Testing" - added 6/12/99

A funny thing happened on the way to my MP3 essay...

"How can $50 be $1,200?" - updated 6/6/99

This was written as an essay for Crawford's Corner 99.7 (for the August 1999 Library Hi Tech News). As usual, there was too much material for that 10-page section--and I concluded that it really wasn't particularly relevant to Crawford's Corner. It does speak to my ongoing interest in numeracy.


Updated July 18, 2005.