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NOTE: This page was carried over from my old att.worldnet website.

This page links to pages removed from the home page (index.html) because they're old and I no longer felt they deserved to be part of the primary set.

It's largely static at this point, and a couple of documents (CD-ROM juding criteria, the E-Journal significance survey) have been removed.

Note that, if you have a link directly to an archived page on att.worldnet, the link will break in early fall 2005.

Personal background and interests [8/23/99]

I never thought the essay was very interesting, and it's unlikely that I'll update it.

Out of the Corners - Information on Cites & Insights: Crawford At Large

A brief (and pointless?) essay about this site and Web æsthetics in general. [7/17/99]

Hypothetical: the center on appropriate library media & technology [6/6/99]

I may still think it's a good idea, but probably not in anything like this form.

All "Web Extras" sections have disappeared, but selected papers will be found here:

Web Extras: Libraries, Media, and the Future [8/26/2000]

Web Extras: CDs, PCs, and Technology [6/19/99]

Web Extras: Rants and Miscellany [9/2/99]


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